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On 6th October I shall be running the Yes to Life 10K...because I work there, so I kinda have to 😉 ....but seriously, this is a fantastic charity and let me tell you why...

My mother sadly passed away from cancer 10 years ago. At the time we hadn't heard of charities like Yes to Life so it seemed like the only option to go down was the conventional route. We just trusted that what the doctor told us to do was the right way. Seeing the effects chemo and radiotherapy has on a person's body, it seems obvious to me that we should be doing as much as possible to support the patient's immune system and emotional well-being along side this...sadly, this integrative approach is not currently supported by the NHS.

Being on the inside and having worked for the charity for more than a year now I can see how much people need Yes to Life. Not only does it support people's decisions and freedom of choice, it shares valuable evidence-based information, it creates a community of liked-minded people and it encourages doctors, oncologists and practitioners to change their approach to heal the person not just the disease.

So help me support this fantastic cause and, I hate running so at least make me feel better about it 😬 

If you fancy joining me, just head to to register. Go onnnn, I know you want to... 💪